Thursday, March 29, 2012



i was standing on the navigational bridge watching the stars at middle of nowhere.
at one point of a time i remember this girl who waits for me in the Baclaran Church.
she were there 6 hrs until i came at 9:00 at night.

i saw her sitting besides the half-opened door of the church.
before i reach her i stopped for a while about 20 meters from her.
she didnt see me but im watching her. she was waiting with out struggleness or madness because im very late.
i told to my self that night if i would be a seaman or not i want to marry a girl like her.
i want her waits for me until i come back. for short "SHE's the ONE".

after couple of years we been through we were gifted one child.
we were married for two years and have good life and very happy family.
even though many troubles we had.
we fought and we cried together, we face our problems with holding both hands.
we lost a life but we gained to much love..

now i really want to tell you how much i love you and you mean to me.
and im asking you this one more time...
Laham would you marry me again?this time it would be on God's home and he will be our witness...
i will not ask your father to take your hand rather i will give you my hands and embrace you for the rest of our lives.

i will take the examination.this time i will try...promise..and i will pass..
i have much more life to give if i fulfill my dreams and our plans by the help of God.

im very happy, lucky. you are my bliss, my strength and my life.

HAPPY 2 years wedding anniversary MIMI....
i love you so much....
missing you.....

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  1. didi yezzz super touch ako.eto na ata pinakamagandang blog na nbasa ko.mahal na mahal kita..mwah magiingat ka palage.miss u more